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100 animes series

Got this off of sannask-sempai's journal and decided to see how I did.

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I'm upset, there's a lot of series that I have watched that aren't even mentioned. T-T Poor Speedgrapher, Zero no Tsukimai, Kino's Journey, Ghost Hunt, etc. No one loves you T-T.
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Photoshop practice.

You're all going to think I'm an idiot but I just found out how to use textures and layers in photoshop. Anyway, here's an update of icons since I haven't made one in awhile. I'd love to hear any comments on them and if you see any that you actually want, feel free to take.

Fullmetal Alchemist Manga: 9
Avatar: The last airbender: 18
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Club Stuff

I'm going to make it easier for me to find the stuff I find for club on Youtube. Funny Japanese stuff as well as some america things, so go ahead and watch.

Week 2/2/07

Japanese Torture Game:
Japanese Candid Camera:
Japanese English Lesson:
Japanese Fighting techniques:
Japanese Gong show:
Tongue twister Challenge:
Sailor Moon Sub vs. Dub:
Abridged Yu-gi-oh 1:
Abridged Yu-gi-oh 2:

I'll update to this page as I find more stuff.

Flashmen Parody:
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Arakawa doesn't love us anymore! T-T

4 months. 4!! I know the story is called 'Fullmetal Alchemist' and that Ed is the main character but still. I wanna know what Roy is up to. He had that meeting with Grumman so you know that he's planning something to overthrow the furher without risking everyone, espcially Riza.

And speaking of Riza, how long has she been in Wrath's control. We know it's at least a week from the last time we saw Roy and Riza talking and it has to take some amount of time to reach the North were Ed and Al are currently. What's going on with her? Is Wrath plotting something? Is Riza secretly gathering information as she proposed to Ed? Has Envy come by and tried to bother her any? (I'm never gonna let that go. Yay Envy!Roy) It's driving me crazy! I wanna know what's going on!!

*Sigh* I'll have to wait 'til next month. Luckily, not only did the chapter come out on time, a lot of cool things seem to be happening.
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Comedian Amv's (A for anime and Avatar)

Funny things I've found on youtube where they sync comedians to different animes (as well as Avatar XD) I'm mainly putting them here because I'd like to be able to click one site and find all the bits.

Avatar: The Last Airbender:
Dane Cook (Sokka makes the best Dane Cook, his facial expressions are just so perfect for these clips.)
I just wanna dance!:
Nothing Fights 1 (Zutara ;)_):
Nothing Fights 2 (Zutara ;)_):
My son Optimus Prime:

Jim Gaffigan
Aang has the red umbrella:

Dane Cook
Creepy guy at work:

Pablo Fransico
R&b groups/Male dancer/Movie voice:

Mitch Hedberg
Double Tree:

Dave Chappelle
San Fran/Oakland:
Sesame Street:
Master of Disguise?

Yay random icons!

Ha ha, I was pointing out pictures in the new chapter and I decided to make icons. My brother and I have really dry/weird senses of humor. Esp. whens it comes to certain animals who steal the show without talking.

1-Riza + Hayate
4-Fuery + Hayate


Enjoy! Comments are welcome.
saraistarr: Miniskirt Sokka

Avatar Ships (Personal Ref.)

Pairing Key:
(BOW/OA) Battle of Wills/Opposites Attract
(FF) Friends First
(OS) One-Sided
(LAFS) Love at first sight
(OTM) One time meeting

AangxToph=Taang/Tophaang (BOW/OA)
AangxKatara=Kataang (FF/LAFS)
KataraxZuko=Zutara (BOW/OA)
Ty LeexSokka=Tykka (OS)
MaixZuko=Maiko (OS?)(We still need to see Zuko's side)
SokkaxSuki=Sukka (BOW/FF)

No longer possible:
KataraxJet=Jetara (OS/LAFS)
KataraxHaru=Hatara (FF)(OTM)
SokkaxYue=Yuokka (LAFS) (Dead)
Aangxmeng=Mang (OS/LAFS)(OTM)
ZukoxSong=Zusong (OTM)
ZukoxJin=Jinko (OTM)

Though Kataang seems canon-ish now, I believe that it may be due to the fact that Aang is the only character that Katara can have feelings for at the moment. (Other than Aang, she's traveling with her brother, a blind girl, a bison, and a lemur.) Who else is she going to have feelings for currently. Though the creators may decide to make Kataang the final pairing, I feel that it lacks foresight and is very boring. (Oh they got together? What a surprise.)

Zutara theory: Even the Zutara fans have a hard time believing that Zutara will actually be canon in the show. I, on the otherhand, truly do believe that this will be the canon pairing for Katara. All in all it depends solely on one thing: Whether or not Zuko joins the group. If he doesn't join, there won't be enough between the characters to develop a relationship. If he joins however, I have no doubts that Zutara will happen. It will most likely be a high tension friendship where the guy and the girl fight all the time for little or no real reason. (See dane cook's nothing fights on youtube with Sokka as Dane Cook)