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I'm scaring myself....

Ok, basically I'm making this entry to save some websites for my FMA/Riza theories. After seeing the close-up of her tattoo and someone posting about the alchemic connections, I decided to look into it some more.

First, the tattoo.

First off we have this site with the twelve keys to the philo. stone.

The one that caught the attention of me and my friend was the second key, which mentions the 'king' and the 'bride' having sex and a process involving bathing in which the 'king' can have fortune, health, life, and strength restored.

It's a little iffy, but there were some connections.

The thing that scared me more was an entry that sounded almost dead-on. It's called:

Abstract: Analyzes the natural and supernatural birth, destruction,
and regeneration of the symbolic Child. Introduces the theory and
practice of how to quest for and manufacture the Philosopher's Stone.
Includes applications and explanations of verses by the famous
Swedish [sic] Adept Norton, from an ancient manuscript. Now, for the
first time, revealed according to mystical tradition and esoteric
enlightenment. Includes the qabbalistic signs of Solomon, explained
by a master-student of nature. With 12 emblematical figures with
corresponding explanatory paragraphs.

This idea of alchemy explains what must be done for the true philospher's stone.

It's the seventh section that caught my attention somewhat:


Do not pollute me,
Just dissolve me, coagulate me,
And turn me upside down.
That how to do good Work.


In these 4 verses Northon tosses all the the other Alchemists a rock to stub
their toes on. (1) Guard It from pollution by any external substances that are
not homogenous and harmonious. (2) Pour your water on the fire without putting
the fire out so the water escapes as steam.
(3) Following the ancient wisdom, give Fire to the fire and Mercury to the mercury.
(4) As they melt into each other, their tight embrace dissolves them and finally
coagulates them. (5) Then a doubled Mercury dissolves
and coagulates itself through a strengthened or doubled Fire.

As Mercury completes the circle by returning to fiery Earth, like a flower turned
stem-up, you become master of the art of the Stone and complete the Work.

This part of the article deals with fire being needed to search and make the stone. That you must douse, or weaken, the fire with water but only enough to make steam, not to put the fire out. By melting fire and mercury together, you make a stronger fire.

And here's the 8th part, which involves a lot of the basics of alchemy.

So far,(see link for pic) the figures portrayed the life cycle of the One
Substance: Its origin, birthplace, purification, separation,
hermetic sealing, pollution, congealing, sublimation, and
union in strict succession. These processes led to the
consummation of the alchemical wedding between the red
groom and the white bride.

This explains the cycle of the stone, or what must occur for it to be made.

Figure 8, next in this mystical life cycle, contains a
miniature copy of itself inside it. There is a cross on top
of an outer circle, containing an inner solar system.

If you look carefully around the edges of Roy's symbol, you'll see the sections of a cross.

The placement of the 4 elements is significant. Fire is on
top by the cross because the Fire for the process must be
sought from Above.

Earth is directly under Fire, because the fire calcinates the
Earth and makes is fire-proof. Fire, Air, and Water then
transform similarly, and the Stone is produced.

This is more of the stone's process.

The Sun, a golden pebble, floating between Fire and Air,
represents solid Red Sulphur which consists of Fire and Air and
which is the masculine aspect of the Moon.
The liquid Mercury, floating between Fire and Water,
consists of Fire and Water and is the feminine aspect of the Moon.

The Mercurial Moon hanging from the underside of the
transforming Earth repesents all this joining, circulating,
and one-time concentrating into solid Earth.

A friend pointed out to me that this part mentions the moon a lot. It does seem a little off since her tattoo only has a sun. (From what we see at least.)

Not to mention the 12th:

This part of the article mentions the salamader and the flying dragons falling to earth.


The snake eating its own tail represents the solid White and Red Stones. These first harden and solidify the virgin Milk, and then transform into a Salamander who lives in the Fire. The Fire furnishes the Salamander with the energy for its continued evolution.

The above continues along with Roy's symbol of the Salamander, which is the spirit of fire. (Earth=Drawf, Wind=Slyph, Water=Nymph)

The flying dragon, now fallen to Earth, breathes fire, which devours all metals, transmuting them into Silver or Gold.

The flying dragon falling to earth, also apart of the tattoo.

The cross designates the Attraction Field of the Astral Fire whose vibrations color the Salamander Venusian yellow, Martian Citrine-Red, and blood-red. This is the Fire of eternal Youth through multiplication, experienced by many.

The cross again.

(Note to me for later study.)

I sure hope Arakawa isn't leaning in this direction. That would freak me out so badly.

Edit: I'm still looking into these, I'll update this later with the connections I see.

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