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Avatar trailers omg omg omg

I know I'm a total fangirl when it comes to things like FMA and Avatar but the Comic Con trailers have come out and they are full of win! Links and squeeing under cut.

There's a long pre-view for the 'Ember Island Players' in which a play about the avatar's journey makes fun of the characters flaws.

Also new epic trailer for the rest of season three, the possible come back of Ursa, Zuko and Katara become ninjas, and much much more?

The first one is a pre-view for Ember island Players. Once again donned in fire nation clothes, along with Suki, the gaang hear about a play that is based on their journey. Zuko warns them that they usually butcher anything they do but they end up going anyway. Hilarity ensues. (Warning: as funny as this is, it also hurts a lot)

This is the amazingly awesome trailer that we've been waiting for all day.

First off, Zuko and Katara become ninjas and go off on a mission alone (for some reason). I can't wait to see that.

Second, shipping stats. Aang kisses Katara, she jumps away, like it burned her. Wow, a little extreme considering that the first time he did it you were okay, though a little startled, but whatever.

Then a full on glomp hug that he instantly returns. So much for the "I'm gonna eat your liver" thing she did back when he first joined. Can't wait to see what changes her attitude towards him.

Jun is back, in a bar fight. (Yay Jun) Azula's going crazy, Zuko falls off of Appa from the sky (the girls in the video are 'oh noes' like he's going to die or something. XD)

More Squeeing to be added as I rewatch.

Edit: Better quality trailer added.
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