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Mononoke and Moyashimon

We've watched two shows in club this year that I just randomly wanted to talk about.

One was called Mononoke. The general plot was about a Medicine Seller who goes from place to place seeking to kill spirits called 'Mononoke' This is perhaps one of the most brilliant series I have ever come across. It's like moving art. The people in club surprisingly liked it too. Normally they crack jokes all the time, but on this one, they're actually silent.

The Medicine Seller is perhaps the greatest male character I've ever seen. He's always calm and insanely witty when it comes to his dialog. In one of the scenes, he admits to making the mistake of putting oleander into some incense, which is deadly. His only response after calmly this stating it is 'Silly Me, Silly Me' with the same steady tone and expression on his face as always.

When he can finally fight the mononoke, he transforms into this version and wields a very powerful sword. The fight scenes are incredible due to the art style showing blood as things like dripping flowers.

If you want to see the art in action, here's a link to an amv that was really well done.

The other show is called Moyashimon. This is a weird show, I'll say that from the get go. It's about a guy who can see microbes. You know, like yeast and fungus, etc. Except instead of seeing them like one would under a microscope, what he sees look more like tamgachis (sp?) as you can see from my icon (the yellow one is yeast, I forget the other one at the moment but he's in sake). Here's a link to the opening: . The show's not done in cgi, but the opening is a pretty good representation of the show with the exception the that main character is Edward Elric with short hair and the doctor doing the thing with the seagull. *cough*

Anyway, both of these shows are definitely worth watching and both are still unlicensed so if you want you can check them out at
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