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New animes I'm currently watching

There are a lot of animes that I've recently gotten into. I love them all so far so I'm going to post about them here.

Watching in Club

Code Geass

Okay, so not only did the Japanese not takeover the world using giant robots first, but Britain, known as Britainia, did. Japan is now called Area 11 and is a slum. One day, a Britainia boy named Lelouch gets into trouble when he finds a girl in a capsule that was believed to be poisonous gas. She gives him the power to control people and make them do anything he wills them to do, whether it be to reveal the subject to the next test or to kill commit suicide.

It's a very deep and moving plot. Funny at times, sad at others. It's easy to see why it was the most popular show in Japan last year.

Cromartie High School

The basis of this show is that a guy chooses to attend the school that his mother wanted for him. Classic plot right? However the even student body consists of delinquents students. (Kinda like an entire school of Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho) The main character, despite being an overall good person, soon gains respect from the students because he doesn't show fear like most people who encounter them do. It's kinda like if you saw a rabbit living peacefully in the presence of lions, you'd think to yourself, "that's one heck of a rabbit".

And while the way I'm putting it makes it sound like a normal show, I assure you, it's not. This series is complete crack. Random things happen all the times. Students consist of a Freddie Mercury look-a-like, a gorilla, and a robot named Mechazawa that only the main character seems to realize is a robot.

It's funny, but shouldn't be watch more than two episode increments unless one is used to having their brain melt for the crack-i-ness. XD

Darker Than Black

While we are watching this in club, I've already watched most of it at home screening it for the semester.

Ten years prior to the start of the series, construction of a giant wall surrounding Toyko/Japan known as Hell's Gate began. In addition, the stars in the sky disappeared and people with strange powers started to appear. Psychics known as Contractors and Mediums known as Dolls.

Contractors have various sorts of powers (ranging from fire, to electricity, to gravity, and beyond) but must perform a task each time they use their ability (some have to stack stones, some have to dog ear pages in an entire book, some have to write poetry) In other words, they're OCD Psychics. In addition to having powers, they don't feel guilt in killing or other emotions.

Dolls on the other hand have the ability so use surveillance spirits to spy on and follow people. However they have no emotions or personality. They don't smile and can only do what they're told to do.

I love this show. There are so many different characters and points of views that it's hard to tell who's bad and who's good. The main characters, for example, appears to be working for some kind of 'evil' organization, yet you find yourself cheering for them none the less.


Club to death angel, Dokuro-chan. What more do I need to say? There's a lot of adult humor here, so it's not for everyone. Funny as heck though. Don't wait for a dub though, this show will most likely never come to America.

Ghost Hunt

Like Darker than Black, I saw this show in it's entirety as it came out last year (It ended in late spring.)

It's about a group of investigators that take a scientific approach to ghost hunting, in addition to using traditional methods such as exorcisms and mediums. Mai (16) is a normal student in high school when she accidentally owing a debt to a man name Kazuya Shibuya (17) who runs a ghost hunting service. Due to her interference, not only was his was his assistant hurt, but a very expensive camera was broken. In order to pay him back, Mai must work under the guy. She quickly finds out that, while he's a very handsome man, he's very self-absorbed and narcissistic, therefore she nicknames him Naru-chan. Overtime she not only finds herself developing feelings for Naru, but also realizes that she, too, is a psychic.

This is a very popular shojo manga/anime in Japan and is growing in popularity over here as well. It's based off of a novel written by the same woman who wrote Twelve Kingdoms. It can be a little slow and talky at times, but it's very charming, humorous, and at times, somewhat scary. I absolutely love, love, LOVE this anime.

Watching at home


This anime is about a girl named Michiru that have the power to see black rings around people's necks. This ring symbolizes that the person will soon die (seeing as how the grim reaper slices off their head at that point.) At school, she meets two boys who, despite having black rings, are perfectly alive and well. Shito is a cool, calm, and collected guy (Think Yuki from Furuba only not as nice) while Chika is a loud, greedy, and completely opposite (think Kyo from Furuba only meaner) She learns that while they did die, they were made into Zombies and given a second chance at regaining their lives. She soon finds herself involved with their debt after they help her out.

A very funny anime, with a very interesting plot. Different enough to be worth watching but the same enough to not be put too far off. horrible opening song though.


A medicine seller (that looks like he stepped right out of Zelda) travels the world and performs exorcisms on spirits called Mononoke. In order to do so, he must first discover the true form of the Mononoke (Form), the reason for it's existence (Truth), and the reason it's still bound to the world (Regret).

This anime is absolutely BRILLANT! The entire style of animation is done in traditional woodcuts. The plot draws you in from the beginning and keeps you interested until the very end. The plots however are terrifyingly disturbing and at times very hard to follow, given the time period the anime is written about. However if you actually try and sit through the first two episodes, I think most would like it. Also the opening is very unique and the closing song is utterly gorgeous.

Romeo X Juliet

In the floating city of Neo Verona (I'm not kidding), the Head of the Montague House tried to kill the Capulet House. However, a few, including a young girl named Juliet, escaped and lived in the city hidden from tyranny of the Duke. 14 years later, Juliet lives her life, disguised as a boy named Odin but one day dresses as a girl and sneaks into a ball held at the Montague's Palace. There she meets a boy named Romeo and falls in love with him. However on her 16th birthday, she finds out the truth about her family's murders, her lineage, and the cruelty of the Montague family.

Armed with this knowledge, she has to choose between what's left of her family and the person she's grown to love.

While I hate the play Romeo and Juliet, I've come to love this anime. It's full of action, humor, and wit. Juliet, under the persona of the Red Whirlwind, saves the city from the cruelty of the officals. Donned in a Red hat, mask, and cape, she sword fights the bad guys with ease. Humor-wise, Juliet is being hidden in a house owned by a struggling playwright by the name of, none other than, William Shakespeare, whom they call Willy. XD I haven't gotten very far into this show, but I was hooked before the first half of the first episode ended.

Not sure if anyone really cares what I'm currently watching, but I hope some will try to find time to look into these wonderful series.
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