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Chapter 74 summary (I think)

I don't know if this is real or not but someone posted a summary of 74 over on so I thought some might be interested in what it says. Even if you don't want to read it before the chapter comes out, it'll help when you're trying to figure out what people are saying (for the most part)

I went ahead and posted it in full so you don't have to highlight everything, so don't click if you don't want to see it yet.

Fullmetal Alchemist, chapter 74: "Homunculus in a flask"

- Alchemist vs Alchemist!? What will decide the outcome of the match?

Somewhere in Briggs:
To prepare for the fight against Kimbley, Ed teaches Miles and others about Kimbley's Alchemy. The tricky point for the fight against him is his Philosopher's Stone.

At Briggs Fort:
The officers from the Central Army inquire about Raven's whereabout to Briggs' solders. The solders all play innocence.

Major General Armstrong runs into Colonel Mustang. They don't look like they get along very well.
Armstrong: "A green horn like Mustang is working in the Central? What kind of bribery did he use?"
Mustang: "Nah, must be his true ability."

Yet, he wont forget to invite her for dinner.
Armstrong chases away Mustang by answering that she would eat till he will be all broke.
As they part, Mustang: "There is a good flower shop in the Central. I will send you some flowers."
Armstrong goes into Führer's office.

Führer's Office:
Führer and the Major general, face to face.
Führer asks straight forward: "What did you do to Raven?"
Armstrong quickly realizes that she can't hide it, and readily admit that she murdered him.

In addition, Armstrong admits that Raven told her about the Homunculus, how this country was formed, who/what Führer is, and knowing all that, answered to Führer's summons. And, asks Führer to give her Raven's seat in the upper military.

Führer likes Armstrong's answer, and gives her Raven's seat. Briggs will be commanded by officers from Central. Armstrong seems fine with that.

Briggs Fort:
Buccaneer and others talk about Armstrong being summoned by Führer, and the Briggs are being commanded by officers from Central. Just as Armstrong, they do seem to be taking these fine.

In the cafeteria, Mustang and Hawkeye exchange small talks. Mustang worries about Hawkeye being seemingly dispirited.

Hawkeye, while checking the shadow on her legs, starts talking about the time they had the joint training with the Northern army.
Mustang, realizes something, and start writing something as they keep the chat.
They reminisce while Hawkeye keeps bringing up names of solders in the Northern army, or subordinates in the Eastern army.

Later, in the bathroom, Mustang decode Hawkeye's message, and his expression changes to that of in shock.

Izumi and Sig are on a trip and out of town. Mason is running Sig's shop. Führer's messenger arrives.

On the rooftop of nearby building is Bido, one of Greed's company. He realizes the solders are the ones who took Greed, and hide himself underside of their car.

Underground, Central:
LinGreed is there. Pride is there also. Father is asleep.

Father is dreaming?? Flashback scene:
Some town. Different from Amestris.
A boy, the look has similarities to Ed and Hohenheim. He is a slave with no name. Being called No. 23.
He is cleaning a room.

A round shadowy figure in a flask speaks to the boy.
The boy is not surprised by that. He keeps cleaning the room.
The shadow in the flask likes that, and keeps talking to the boy.
The boy does not seem to understand what the shadow is talking about.

The master of the boy draws blood from the boy.
The shadow in the flask is born to this world because of the blood from the boy.
To thank the boy for giving his life, the shadow gives the boy a name.
The name is "Von Hohenheim."
The shadow also tells the boy that he would also teach the boy some knowledge.
The boy is interested. Asks the shadow "What shall I call you?"

The shadow shows the eyes and the mouth similar to that of Pride, and tells: "Call me a Homunculus in a flask."

In the bathroom, Mustang burns the memo with the decoded message. "What kind of joke is this!!"
The memo reads: "Selim Bradley is a homunculus."
"Improbable!!" Matters Mustang.

Caption: "Another identity of the shadow revealed??!!

-End of chapter 74

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