nintendocat (nintendocat) wrote,

Season 3, Episode 1 Screencaps

This is way early but someone on CAPS_LOCK avatar posted a few screenshots of the first episode of season 3. Keep in mind that it's a crack comm dedicated to talking only in CAPS when you're reading the comments.

Aang's panicking because he woke on the Fire Nation ship thinking that he got captured only to later find out that the Water Tribe is running it (for some reason). He has hair because he's been unconscious since the finale of season 2 (time has passed) and no felt the need to shave his head.

Next few are further prove that, even though Zuko got everything he could have wanted, he's still not happy with himself.

OMG OZAI!!! He's not surrounded by fire or cut off by the scene's border. That means that we get to see him in episode one!

Gah, more Maiko kissing. He's still not exactly thrilled though. Either he's gonna warm up to her or he's a really good actor from that comic-con preview. He's still gonna leave later in the season though so I'm still not buying into it too much.

Aww, gaang hug. It's so cute. But it's still odd to see Aang with hair.

Can't wait, can't wait!

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